Scissor lifts are so useful and take up little space

When not in use scissor lifts, or table lifts, take up little space in a warehouse. But when fully extended they can reach heights of around 18.2 metres. Scissor lifts work by the criss-crossing supports pushing a flat platform upwards when drawn together. Pallets can be loaded onto a scissor lift platform using a forklift or pallet truck to minimise manual lifting. The goods are then raised on the level platform preventing spillage of liquids or damage to fragile items.

Scissor lifts can either be stationary or mobile. Originally designed as an industrial lift they are increasingly seen in operation in the retail and wholesale environment.

Two additions to a scissor lift, that further minimises manual lifting, includes turntables and tilters. Turntables allow the operator to rotate the loads being lifted. This ideal if the scissor lift is being used in restricted spaces. Tilters allow the platform to be positioned at an angle. It is useful for sliding the goods off the lift so the operator does not risk injury by manoeuvring heavy loads.

These three types of loading bay equipment are suitable for small and large sized businesses. They can be purchased 'off the shelf' or made bespoke to suit the working environment. Whatever the loading challenge, the task is made a lot simpler by using mobile yard ramps, dock levellers and scissor lifts.