Safety when using Enerpac hydraulic troque wrenches

Enerpac hydraulic torque wrenches are double acting hand-controlled tools designed to tighten and loosen bolted connections. Any unauthorized change in design, construction or usage of the torque wrench is forbidden for safety reasons
and will void the warranty. Hydraulic flow and pressure that is supplied to the wrench is converted to a rotary motion by means of a hydraulic cylinder and drive lever.

Advancing and retracting oil flow from the pump is controlled by a remote operated valve with pendant control.

The advance pressure supplied from the pump must be limited to 11,600psi / 800bar. The retract pressure supplied from the pump must be limited to 1,740psi / 120bar.


Use only heavy-duty impact sockets for power driven machine wrenches, according to ISO-2725 and ISO-1174; DIN 3129 and DIN 3121, or ASME-B107.2/1995. Do not use worn or damaged sockets or Allen-Key drives. They must fit precisely on the nut or bolt being tightened.

Do not use metric size sockets or Allen-Key drives on imperial nuts or bolts or the reverse.

Always secure the socket to the square drive to prevent the socket from slipping off.