Safety Quick Tip – Effective Signage

Construction signs We talk a lot about safety on this blog and making sure that all steps are taken to ensure all risks are assessed and any dangers are mitigated. But what if those dangers are just inherent in the environment and cannot be taken away?

For example, if you’re working in a road and you can’t stop the traffic?

Signage is important if a significant risk can’t be avoided or there is no way of controlling it. However this isn’t a green flag to put signs all over the place. Too many signs can be as dangerous as no signs at all. If the sign won’t help reduce the risk or if the risk isn’t a significant one, you don’t need a sign.

Also, if you are going to be displaying an unfamiliar sign, it is important you explain it to your staff and make it clear what they should do if the sign is used. This is especially important if handling materials the company is not regularly called upon to deal with.