Safety When Maintaining on Hydraulic Equipment

Wherever you have hydraulic equipment, you have the need for regular and thorough maintenance. It's essential that all hydraulic equipment is serviced and checked on a regular basis because of the potential dangers of failure.

In many cases, hydraulic jacks and cylinders are put under an incredible amount of strain on a regular basis. They're often used to lift, move or displace very heavy objects, and so the cost of failure could be high. In fact, life could be a risk if they do fail.

But aside from a full maintenance check on a regular basis, you should also be checking for obvious problems each time the equipment is used. For example, a hydraulic coupling could have failed or become loose during its last use. Or, a leak could have developed when starting a hydraulic pump.

Even small faults should be checked as these can eventually lead to larger, more hazardous problems.

Hydraulic EquipmentMaintenance Checklist