Safety is vital to prevent accidents

It is vital that your workforce is properly trained in material handling. Your staff must be trained in the correct and safe use of machinery and equipment before they are allowed to use any of it. Accidents are very easy to occur and most are avoidable which is why correct training is so important.

All personnel should always wear the correct personal protection equipment. Personal protection comes in many forms and includes items such as safety goggles, hi-viz wear, safety boots, work gloves, hard hats, face masks, in fact anything that offers protection to a worker whilst carrying out their duties. The employees have a responsibility to wear the correct protective gear but the employer is responsible for supplying said protective gear and it should be of good quality and suitable for the work being undertaken.

Using lifting equipment comes with its own particular dangers and again, all employees should be trained in the correct and safe use of it. Make sure that operators are aware of the load capacity, which should be clearly displayed on the lifting equipment and this must never be exceeded. Care should be taken with lift height and width so that accidents are prevented and other objects are not knocked off their storage racks. It is important that the correct storage of objects is observed as well and that the storage area is regularly cleaned.