Safety Is Everyone’s Priority, But in Some Countries, it Can Lead to Dismissal

Singapore is a major commercial hub. It has seen huge growth in many markets, including the lucrative technical sector and this has led to a massive increase in commercial construction.

It also does well in the world's rankings for education, living standards, health-care and competitiveness. So it comes as a shock when a construction worker in the relatively poor area of Punggol was sacked from his role as a tower crane operator. He was dismissed for pointing out unsafe practices.

My salary is only $2500 but I was terminated by my company for exposing unsafe practices at my construction Punggol after started working in April this year.


Amongst other things, he pointed out...

My signal men also knew I took photo of their reckless unsafe hoisting procedures and they threatened that I’m not allow to report or expose any photos taken to MOM or related authorities.

Edward is to be commended for doing this and he's probably saved lives through his actions, but could this happen in the UK?

There was outrage years ago when a doctor who reported senior doctors' misconduct was sacked from the NHS and this led to calls for protection for those who highlight public concerns. This has led to legislation that will now protect those who are doing their duty in highlighting issues that could be of danger to other workers or the public.

If you do call in to question practices at your workplace, then it's important you know your rights. However, It's also essential that you make your first complaint to your employer. You should give them the chance to put right what is wrong. Safety of your fellow workers and members of the public is paramount, and everyone should work together within the company to make it so.

However, if things aren't put right and you end up losing your job because you blew the whistle, it's important you know your rights.

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