Safer hydraulic puller operation


1. Make sure that all items being pulled are supported by a means other than the puller. NO LOOSE PIECES!!!

2. Install the cylinder into the puller by threading collar threads clock-wise into the jawhead assembly. Make sure that the puller collar threads are fully engaged in the puller. Attach lift plate to the coupler end of the cylinder. Remove the saddle from the cylinder and insert the ram point into the plunger. Select the ram point that will provide the maximum contact with the shaft.

3. To operate the puller, grasp the puller with one hand and turn the T-handle counter-clockwise with the other hand until the jaw opening is big enough to fit over the component to be pulled

4. Turn the T-Handle clockwise to tighten the jaw firmly onto the component.

5. Make sure that the puller is square with the component to be pulled. Advance the plunger until the ram point contacts the shaft to insure correct alignment. The center point of the puller must be aligned with the center point of the shaft. Continue to advance the plunger slowly to pull the component off of the shaft. Never try to retighten the T-handle during the pulling operation.