Renewable energy is the way forward

Renewable energy is going to be essential to enable us to source enough energy for ourrequirements. Science and technology have advanced and are continuing to research new ways of harnessing nature to give us the energy we crave. Wind power is one such area and more investment is required.

A newly published framework document, developed over two years in collaboration with leading consultants and developers, will lead to more transparency and advancements in the quantification of wind energy project losses and uncertainties, according to DNV KEMA.

Various entities in the Renewable UK Wind Resource Working Group have come together to propose that the wind industry adopt a common framework for discussing both energy losses and uncertainties around energy assessments.

Ruben Menezes, project manager for the framework and consultant at DNV KEMA renewable energy services in London, says the loss and uncertainty framework will aid consultants performing due diligence on energy assessment completed by other consultants. “All participants agree to report on their energy assessments in accordance to this framework,” he explains. “The goal is to lead to more transparency and ultimately advancements in the quantification of projects losses and uncertainties.”

Explaining the need for standard framework definitions, Menezes says a typical wind resource and energy yield assessment derives gross generation from a site’s wind speed frequency distribution and a turbine’s power curve. Technical loss factors are then applied to derive expected net energy generation. Example loss factors include equipment availability, wake losses, icing losses, and electrical line losses. Click here to continue

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