Renewable energy is the way ahead

With our constant need for energy and the depletion of fossil fuels means that we need to find new and more sustainable sources. Wind is something that many parts of the United Kingdom is not short of and it makes sense to try and harness this energy and turn it into usable power. At Worlifts we have the technical expertise to offer tooling and support services for wind turbines onsite. We know that planning for the future is essential and embrace green technologies to help us do this. Here is some information on how wind turbines work and how this type of energy is already helping to keep our homes and businesses powered.


Wind energy uses no ongoing resources except wind. No constant resource extraction, refinement, or transport needed.

Wind is a clean and infinite energy source which is immune to the fluctuations and volatility of the fossil fuel industry.

Although our current system of using wind turbines is new, wind energy is not a new concept.

Throughout history we’ve harnessed the wind’s energy, most notably through sail boats and windmills used to pump water and process grain (more wind energy facts).

It doesn’t require any ongoing costs associated with raw resources or constant labour – just put the turbine in a windy spot and plug into the electrical power.

How does wind energy work – turbines

The most common wind electricity-generating method is using wind turbines. The wind turns large turbine blades, which spins a generator shaft and produces electricity. Click here to continue....

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