1. Which hydraulic components are rated in terms of capacity or tonnage?

2. True or False – Side loading can damage a jack or cylinder by distorting the wiper seal and bending the plunger.

3. What should you do if you have to lift a load further than the rated stroke of the jack or cylinder?

4. True or False – It is OK to work under a load that is held up by a jack or cylinder as long as the load doesn’t exceed the capacity or tonnage rating.

5. True or False – You should never weld or otherwise modify a cylinder to attach a base or other support.

6. True or False – Adding an extension to a pump handle will give you more leverage when pumping.

7. True or False – You should tighten coupler connections with a wrench to be sure they are tight.

8. If cylinder movement is jerky, what may be wrong?

9. When you add extensions to a cylinder, how does it affect the maximum operating pressure?

10. True or False – The 80% rule applies to cylinder stroke and cylinder capacity.

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