Norbar EBT-Series Battery Torque Tools

The Norbar EBT is a transducer controlled battery powered torque tool designed for accurately applying torque to threaded fasteners. The unique ‘intelligent joint sensing’ technology continually measures the joint during tightening and when necessary, employs dynamic braking to avoid torque over-shoot due to motor inertia, consistently achieving highly accurate results of up to ±3% of setting.

  • Tool is not constrained by power cable or hose, improving safety, convenience and versatility
  • Multiple units of torque measurement, including N·m, lbf·ft and kgf·m
  • Torque, Torque & Angle and Torque Audit modes available
  • In Torque & Angle Mode and Audit Mode, torque can be set from a lower percentage of tool maximum on single speed tools compared to their auto two speed equivalents. Single speed tools are therefore recommended for angle operation
  • 'Torque Only' mode provides the user with 'Ease of Use' functionality aiding tool familiarity
  • 3,000 reading memory, time and date stamped
  • Clear indication of successful joint application
  • USB and Bluetooth® 4.0 data transfer (also called Bluetooth® Smart)
  • 12 user IDs can be downloaded to the tool and results can be stored against individual users
  • 20 unique stand-alone targets plus 20 unique work group targets for each work group
  • Supplied with a traceable calibration certificate for torque & angle as standard. Calibrated from 20% to 100% of tools maximum torque capacity, clockwise only
  • Software can be updated remotely, without the need to return the product to Norbar (a tool re-calibration will be required)
  • Complimentary PC software ‘EvoLog’ for data management and tool configuration
  • Display and on-board storage of final torque or torque and angle values
  • Results can be output in CSV (comma-separated values) format for users not able to use EvoLog
  • ‘Usage’ counter gives the ability to see the amount of times the tool has been used since the last reset
  • 'Operation Direction' feature designed primarily for undoing bolts. When doing sequence tightening, it is possible to undo an incorrectly tightened bolt without interrupting the sequence
  • 'Turn Angle' option can be used to check if bolts have already been tightened in an assembly process
  • Allows tool integration into third party control systems
  • Maximum Audit Mode target angle (720°)
  • Available in single speed, ideal for all applications with a short bolt run-down and for torque with angle control
  • Auto two speed configurations available for rapid joint completion