Enerpac Battery Powered Machine Skates

EMLS, EMV-Series


Model: EMLSF25   |   Series: EMV   |  Product Line: Industrial Tools

Battery-powered, remote controlled, heavy-duty machine moving system for clean and even surfaces. Joint transitions not exceeding 5 mm difference in height or 14 mm in width, maximum 3% grade.

All movements are proportional and precisely controlled via two joysticks on the wireless remote control.

Equipped with cut and abrasion-resistant polyurethane traction wheels and highquality nylon load wheels.

In combination with a properly rated dual follower skate or skate set, (the load capacity of the undercarriage must correspond to the towing capacity of the drive unit) with the same installation height it forms a safe overall system with 3 load points.

Safety: Wireless remote control operation keeps operator at safe distance.

Steering: Dual motors and simple controls make tight spaces easier to navigate.

Transport Speed: Up to 8 m/min improves productivity so saves money compared to manual methods.

* Note that set capacity is based on total moving capacity of the battery-powered machine skate. Load distribution on each component of the set should not exceed each component's load capacity rating

  • Position loads of up to 50 tons with this self-propelled solution designed specifically for machine movers
  • Single user operation allows you to quickly recoup your initial investment, tackling more projects with fewer resources
  • Manoeuvre around tight corners, obstacles and even an incline of up to 3% with the agile dual drive motors and 360-degree tilt swivel saddle
  • Runs for 3 hours on a single charge, giving you the potential to move loads over 1200 metres without ever switching out the 24V battery
  • Up to 4 x faster than manual methods, travelling at up to 8 metres per minute fully loaded
  • Remote control keeps your operator safe by eliminating the need to manually push or pull
  • Responsive controls allow precise speed adjustment allowing you to adapt to changing conditions
  • Consistent and repeatable performance allow you to reliably estimate project costs ahead of time.