Enerpac Hydraulic Gantries

Enerpac heavy lifting technology products are put to work under the most intense and demanding conditions. That’s why Enerpac never compromise. So you can rely on quality and precision every time, giving you the safest and most efficient path to a successful lift. Enerpac heavy lifting technology combines technical excellence with proven performance – every day, every year, year after year. We believe that customers shouldn’t have to compromise – they can rest easy knowing that even in the most complex situations, their reputations and safety are protected by the most trusted products available.

Heavy Lifting at a New Level

Hydraulic gantries are a safe, efficient way to lift and position heavy loads in applications where traditional cranes will not fit and permanent overhead structures for job cranes are not an option. When used with rail systems, hydraulic gantries also provide a means for moving and placing heavy loads. Hydraulic gantries are a cost effective solution for many lifting and rigging applications. Enerpac offers three series of hydraulic gantry systems:
• Mini-Lift (ML) series: cost-effective, compact model with best-in-class controls
• Super Lift (SL) series: cost effective models that offers control and stability
• Super Boom Lift (SBL) series: heavy duty hydraulic boom gantry models that go up to 1200 ton capacity

Available Models:

Bare Cylinder Gantry:

SL100, 1000 kN, Hydraulic Gantry

SL200, 2000 kN, Hydraulic Gantry

SL300 , 3000 kN Hydraulic Gantry

SL400N, 4000 kN, Narrow Body Hydraulic Gantry

SL400, 4000 kN, Hydraulic Gantry

Boom Gantry:

SBL500, 5000 kN, Hydraulic Gantry

SBL600, 6000 kN, Hydraulic Gantry

SBL900, 8976 kN, Hydraulic Gantry

SBL1100, 10.484 kN, Hydraulic Gantry

Portable Mini Gantry:

ML40B, 400 kN, Portable Hydraulic Gantry, 115 VAC

ML40, 400 kN, Portable Hydraulic Gantry

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