Portable lifting equipment

Portable lifting refers to any type of mobile lifting equipment that can be moved around the workplace or desired location. There are many different types of portable lifting equipment for various applications, and some may be manually operated while other types of more heavy purpose lifting equipment may be powered, either externally or internally.

Electric platform trucks are also called utility vehicles, electric trolley carts or powered platform truck vehicles, and these types of platform trucks can handle a very heavy load compared to the non-powered type.

Platform trucks are generally considered to be trucks that are pushed or pulled by hand, although electric powered platform trucks are widely available too.

A hand platform truck will typically be a single platform mounted on four wheels, and two or more of these wheels will be of the swivelling type to allow for steering of the truck. At one end of the platform truck a handle for pushing or pulling, and is usually around waist height.

There are a huge verity of platform trucks available for different applications. The trucks can be single or multi-platformed depending on use, and some of these use can include, supermarkets, DIY stores, builder's yards and furniture stores.