Overview of the New X-Edition Tools from Enerpac – Square Drive Torque Wrenches

The latest X-Edition tools incorporate all the simplicity, reliability and quality of the trusted S and W-Series tools, with some exciting new features designed to help increase operator safety, performance and ease of use.

s-series_torque_wrench_features_xed_9791 1) Upgraded Handles
Robust new handles provide safe and easy operation.
2) Swivel Manifold Design
Extra durable new manifold with a recessed sealing face provides best‑in‑class safety and endurance.
3) Reaction Arm Release
New reaction arm features larger lever that’s easier to operate.
4) Traceability
Engravings identify tool brand, model, serial number, CE‑ATEX declaration.
5) Unibody Construction
Compact, high strength unibody construction provides small operating radius without sacrificing endurance.