Overview of the New X-Edition Tools from Enerpac – Low Profile Torque Wrenches

The latest X-Edition tools incorporate all the simplicity, reliability and quality of the trusted S and W-Series tools, with some exciting new features designed to help increase operator safety, performance and ease of use.

w_series_torque_wrench_features_xed_10028 1) Handle Mounts
Handles mount on both sides and tops of the cassette to allow for extra maneuverability.
2) New Swivel Manifold Design 
Extra durable new manifold with a unique recessed sealing face provides best‑in‑class safety and endurance.
3) Upgraded Handles
Robust new handles provide safe and easy operation.
4) Durability
Superior strength‑to‑size ratio provides easy access with greater durability.
5) Drive Units
Compatible with W-Series standard edition, UltraSlim and WCR-Series cassettes

S- and W-Series Compatibility

Although the X-Edition torque wrenches feature many innovations, X-Edition cassettes and drive units are compatible with Standard Edition drive units and cassettes. Some parts are unique to the new X-Edition tools. Customers should refer to the Enerpac technical brochure or web site to access the appropriate model numbers for the new X-Edition tools and related accessories. Enerpac will continue to provide service parts for existing tools.