New Product: UltraSlim Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

slim wrench

Narrow access is a problem in many industries, when you're tight on space you need a tool that can get into the gaps, but very often the tools that fit, just can't perform.

Enerpac have solved that problem with their new range of UltraSlim Hydraulic Torque Wrenches.

Reducing tool width normally requires sacrificing durability, torque output, or both. However, by using premium materials, perfecting the geometry, and placing the positioning handle on top of the tool, Enerpac UltraSlim cassettes are able to get into tight spaces, provide even greater torque than standard cassettes, and vastly outperform the competition in product durability.

Power and Versatility: The bi-hexagonal portion of UltraSlim cassettes are thinner than other leading brands, allowing the operator easy access to difficult applications. UltraSlim cassettes also provide even greater torque than standard low profile cassettes, allowing use on more applications.

Increased durability: Greatly outperforms the top competitive narrow access solutions. Maintenance is required on fewer parts than on competitor tools.

Increased Simplicity: UltraSlim cassettes may be easily disassembled in less than a minute for maintenance, which due to the simplicity of the design, is quick and simple to perform. UltraSlim cassettes also feature a fast release mechanism, allowing the rapid exchange of various cassette sizes with a single drive unit.

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