New Pneumatic Torque Wrenches from Enerpac

Enerpac has introduced the all new PTW-Series Pneumatic Torque Wrenches designed to make fastening a simple process in applications that required controlled bolting solutions..

The Pneumatic Torque Wrench tools are robust enough to withstand tough job site conditions, and are ideal for applications with a high volume of fastenings typically found in the mining, power generation and oil & gas industries. A full range of tools provide up to 8,135 Nm (6,000 ft. lbs.) of torque.



  • High speed continuous rotation for constant torque output
  • Low friction planetary gearbox design minimizes wear and extends uptime
  • Operating speeds far exceed those of hydraulic tools


  • Ergonomic, low vibration design reduces fatigue and the risk of vibration related injuries
  • Low noise air motor provides quiet, consistent performance for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Controlled bolting helps ensure that critical applications are properly fastened, ultimately protecting against catastrophic damage and injury, which may result from uncontrolled fastening methods


  • Simple to operate trigger style handle with easily accessible tightening/loosening switch
  • Torque gun prevents over-torqueing by stalling out at a pre-selected air input pressure


  • Available with or without Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL)
  • Provided with standard reaction arm; wide assortment of custom arms and accessories are available
  • All pneumatic torque wrench tools are CE declared and are shipped complete with a calibration certificate


Reaction Arms
Access deep sockets and uniquely spaced bolts

  • Standard Reaction Arm
  • Straight Reaction Arm
  • Extended Reaction Arm
  • Double Straight Reaction Arm
  • Blank Reaction Arm

Sliding Reaction Arms
Modify the reaction location to access bolts with variable pitches

  • Adjustable from 10.2 cm to 30.5 cm (4" to 12") from center of spline

Nose Extensions
Access deep bolts

ptw filter regulator lubricator
  • 15, 30 & 45cm (6”, 12” & 18”)

Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL)
Recommended for use with all PTW pneumatic torque wrenches. Provides clean, lubricated air and allows for air pressure adjustment.

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