New Electric Torque Wrenches from Enerpac

When it comes to innovation, Enerpac lead the way with technology designed to make your life easier, your work safer and your day more efficient.

And they do just that, with the all new ETW-Series Electric Torque Wrench; a simple fastening solution, which allows you to quickly, accurately and safely fasten critical joints. Electric Torque Wrenches are particularly well suited to complex jobs, which demand precision and traceability.

ETW tools are operated using a 7” interactive touchscreen, as well a control panel on the back of the wrench. The touchscreen is simple to navigate, allowing fastening requirements to be input quickly and easily, while the impact resistant control panel on the back of the wrench gives the operator the freedom to control the wrench while on the application.


7” touchscreen simplifies tool operationElectric Torque Wrench

Control Box
The touchscreen is housed in a flame and impact resistant control box, which stands up to the rigors of jobsite usage.

Torque and Angle
Torque and angle functionality allows the input of nominal torque value followed by a specific angle of rotation.

Automatic Mode
An automatic mode helps simplify and automate complex jobs through the creation of automatic presets, which apply a desired sequence of torque steps to a desired number of fasteners.

Controls on Wrench
Controls on back of wrench with a bright LED display allow the user to directly input desired torque values, change direction of rotation, and monitor the fastening process.

Data Output
Fastening records of completed jobs can be viewed on the touch screen, or exported to a computer via a USB connection on the control box.

Certifications & Declarations
- Are shipped complete with a calibration certificate
- Are certified for North American Electrical Safety by CSA International
- Carry a CSA US and Canada mark
- Are CE declared

Four ETW tools are available, ranging from 1000 to 6000 Ft. lbs. in multiplied voltage configurations. A full range of accessories, which also fit the Enerpac PTW-Series Pneumatic Torque Wrenches, help support a wide variety of applications.