More myths, including pin the tail on the donkey…

Isn't it amazing how many myths are re-circulated every year and even more how they appeal to the misery in us by trying to spoil people's fun. This one is a doozy.

dailymailpin I know, the Daily Mail is an easy target but they go on to say:

The traditional children's party game pin the tail on the donkey is under threat because parents consider it a health and safety risk.

The claim comes from retailers and parenting experts who say mothers and fathers are increasingly reluctant to put pins into the hands of youngsters.

Now, this is where a lot of H&S legislation myths start. Someone uses the term "health and safety" as a reason to stop something happening and this suddenly becomes an H&S issue which according to some is enshrined in law. I've checked, it's the people saying this who are the donkeys.

Screenshot_041514_044545_PM The dangers of candy floss?

We traced this one back to 2010 and the Victorian town of Southport in Mersyside. According to the Southport website:

Health and Safety do-gooders at a popular seaside resort have barred traditional candy floss on sticks, because it is considered potentially deadly.

Town Hall chiefs at the Victorian town of Southport, Merseyside, have barred stall-holders from selling the spun sugar treats on wooden sticks, in favour of plastic bags. -

See more at:

I guess nobody's done an article about how kids could get plastic bags on their heads.