Material handling safety is so important

We have all seen dramatic photos on the evening news of warehouses going up in flames. Very often, an examination of the scene reveals that a leaking or improperly handled cylinder is responsible for the damage. This is one materials handling danger that can be easily overcome by the use of proper cylinder storage devices.

There are three types of cylinder holding devices that warehouses and factories commonly use. The first is the simple and effective wall mounted cylinder holder. This is just a strapping device mounted firmly on a holder against the wall. Easy to use and easy to remove, a device like this prevents a standing cylinder from being accidentally knocked over.

For workplaces that must store a number of gas cylinders, an aluminium mesh cylinder locker is a necessity. These lockers come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some hold tall cylinders upright, while others hold them stacked on their sides. The aluminium is non-sparking, thus eliminating any danger of igniting contents even if you slide the containers into and out of the locker.

There are two materials handling safety hazards that a forkliftable cylinder container can eliminate. Cylinders are heavy and can cause injury when carried manually. Also, when a cylinder is carried on a hand truck, for instance, there is always the danger of having it fall. Cylinder pallet racks serve the dual purpose of safely storing cylinders and providing an easy means of transporting cylinders around the workplace.