Material handling equipment has many uses

Material handling equipment is pertaining to the machines and equipment concerned to the control, storage, protection and movement of materials, resources, supplies, products and goods during processing and all the way through the delivery, utilization and distribution. It involves the different mechanical machines throughout the whole manufacturing process or system. It is used to raise the turnout, maximize the productivity and control cost. There are numerous methods on how to distinguish if the material handling equipment is reaching the highest proficiency. These includes acquiring all important information to the storehouse's operation, the number of contacts on the material from the moment it is ordered up to the distribution, ensuring that the right selection method is use and maintaining the system's processing time to minimum.

The whole process is categorized into four: engineered systems, handling and storage equipment, bulk material handling and industrial trucks.

Computerized material handling system, AGV, AS/RS, conveyors and handling robots are considered as engineered systems. Engineered systems are classified as traditional engineered product handling system. It is usually a consolidation of products incorporated into a single arrangement. Sortation system and pick modules are usually use to enhance the picking and storage process.

The handling and storage system is considered as under the product handling system. Non-automated storage machines fall under this kind of system. Example of the equipments that belong to this system are cart, shelving, pallet are and other storage devices.