Many types and uses for warehouse equipment

There are different purposes served by warehouse equipment. One may use it for the purpose of lifting objects inside the warehouse or carrying items from the outside of the building. There are also machines that may be used loading and unloading.

Forklifts are machines engaged in the transfer of loads of materials for warehousing, construction, manufacturing and handling purposes. Pallets or platforms of loads may be placed inside a forklift as long as the equipment's capacity permits it. It is subcategorized into three types namely the manual drive, fork truck and motorized drive.

Dock lifts on the other hand are types of work platforms relevant in order to lower or raise a certain set of materials, work pieces and even people to position them in their proper places. These items are very important in automotive and garage services, construction, telecommunications, inventory management and cable industries. This type of equipment is bought according to lift capacity and travel as well as platform length and width.

Industrial carts and trucks are types of warehouse equipment whose main purpose is to transport not only materials but other forms of equipment. There are cabinet carts with drawers and doors placed on a compartment. Container or utility carts are also found on the list and are often used in a wide array of applications. Drum carts are also popular types designed specifically to lift drums. These items may also be further classified according to its features. These items are used in: janitorial activities; appliance transports; office materials, mails and file organization; and for waste recycle and removal.

There are still other forms of warehouse equipment. One example is the dock equipment used in assisting loading and unloading activities. This machine starts getting materials from trucks then delivers them to buildings. There is also the pallet jack. This one is a device utilized in order to lift and transport pallets. It works by gradually lifting the pallet but not in a level as high as forklifts and dock lifts can manage.