Make sure you have the right fall arrest equipment

If you work or are planning to work from a height, you need to be aware of the safety issues and the equipment you might need. There are some very simple but safe pieces of equipment that can be used which could save your life. It is however, vital that you have the correct training so that you know how to use the equipment properly and safely. Fall arrest harnesses are very popular items of kit for anyone who works at heights. They are usually very easy to use, lightweight, very strong and fit all shapes and sizes. Here is some useful advice on fall arrest equipment.

There are several types of personal fall protection systems
and equipment. Users of these systems require high levels of
training and appropriate close supervision:
work restraint
systems and equipment will include a
lanyard which must be adjusted, or set, to a fixed length
to prevent the user physically getting to a place where
they could fall, eg a roof edge or fragile surface;
work positioning
systems and equipment enable the
user to work in tension or suspension to prevent or limit
a fall, eg a boatswain’s chair or linesman. A back-up
system is needed in case the main support fails;
pe access
systems use two ropes, a working rope
and a safety rope, each secured to a reliable anchor.
The user’s harness is attached to both ropes in such a
way they can get to and from the work area and the risk
of falling is prevented or limited. This type of system
could be used to access the side of a tall building where
a cradle cannot be used;
fall arrest
systems and equipment limit the impact force
of a fall on the user and prevent them hitting the ground.
The anchor point should be as high as possible above
the feet of the user to limit the distance of the fall.
Equipment should be regularly inspected for wear and
You should only consider the use of personal fall protection
equipment to prevent or minimise the consequences of a fall
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