Lifting equipment must be used with care

Lifting equipment is used to describe equipment or machinery that lifts or manoeuvres loads to other locations. Any lifting equipment must be properly maintained and certified and operators must be correctly trained in their use.

One of the most common types of lifting equipment is the crane. There are different types of crane but the most commonly used are the gantry crane and the jib crane. Gantry cranes are mobile and are particularly useful for construction sites, factories and warehouses. Jib cranes are fixed and are used for lifting and moving heavy loads in a particular area. These are often seen in ports and in large construction sites.

Hoists are extremely useful and are normally manual or electric. Electric hoists are easy to operate and capable of lifting quite heavy loads. They often have either wire rope or chains to lift loads with. Chain hoists and ratchet lever hoists are manually operated and you will need to use a bit of brawn to make these work. They are however, very versatile and don’t take up much room.

Whatever type of lifting equipment you use, you must ensure that it is safe and in good working order. Always check before using so that you can see and fix any potential problems before you begin. Always ensure that whoever is going to operate the lifting gear is properly trained and is aware of health and safety during operation.