Keeping your workforce safe when working at heights


We are very keen on ensuring that everyone is safe when working at heights, whatever task they are undertaking. With businesses facing cost cutting, safety should not be scrimped on and ensuring employees are kept safe with the correct safety gear is vital. Accidents are all too easy to occur but by taking proper precautions, you can at least reduce the risk. It is our advice to always buy your safety equipment from a reliable source and that it has been tested to current BSI standards.


The TUC has become aware of a growing number of incidents where employers have purchased cheap sub-standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from websites and rogue companies. Much of this is counterfeit, fake PPE and is a particular problem in the construction and transport industries where it is estimated that over 50% of hi-vis equipment used does not comply with EU regulation.

The implications of fake PPE can be devastating, as if it fails, the worker may be killed or injured. In addition unsuitable hand ear and breathing protection can have long term health effects.

The TUC has produced a guide for Safety Representatives on how to check that PPE is genuine and complies with EU regulations. A copy is attached. It is also available on the TUC website at

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is an item held or worn by an individual which protects against one or more hazards. It can include common items such as Hi-visibility jackets, safety footwear, hard hats and eye or ear protection, through to very specialist equipment such as fall arrest harnesses and specialist respirators.

To be effective the equipment has to be able to do the job it is designed for. In part that means employers must make sure that the equipment is suitable for the job it is intended to do, but it also has to be of a quality that means it will not fail....More at Checking if Your PPE is Genuine – Guidance for Safety ...

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