How does joint sensing technology help me?

When bolting, understanding the difference between hard and soft joints and having the tools to handle them is absolutely critical. The accuracy of achieving the correct torque depends on this type of joint and even today's tools can give wildly different results.

This is where the Evotorque from Norbar really comes into its own with its Intelligent Joint Sensing Technology which can understand the difference between the two joint types and adjust accordingly.

hard joints

Norbar’s ElectronicTorque Tool utilises patent pending motor technology and control software to give unprecedented joint control.

Key Features:

Accuracy: Each tool is factory calibrated to ±3%

Clear-Go/No-Go Joint Completion Feature: Clear indication of successful joint application. Operator can confidently interpret the tool, making it safer to use

Quietness & Low Vibration: Third party verified sound power (Lwa) of 72.3 dB (A) and vibration level of 0.304 m/s²

Patent Pending Motor Technology and Motor Control Software: Gives unprecedented joint control

Modular Construction: Less downtime in case of maintenance

Dual Units of Torque Measurement: Torque can be set in N∙m or lbf∙ft

Temperature Independent Motor: The motor will continue to deliver correct torque regardless of temperature changes unlike permanent magnet motors

Angle Control: EvoTorque allows precise angle to be applied. Every tool is calibrated for angle and the results are included on the certificate of calibration

Regenerating Braking Technology: Kinetic braking to avoid overshoot on hard joints

Made in England: Designed and manufactured in the UK


If you'd like to know more about how these tools can help your bolting requirements, give us a call on 0121 460 1113