If you are interested in a career in engineering…

You may have noticed in the press that there is a shortage of engineers. Engineering in the UK has a long and distinguished past and can offer a varied and interesting career path. Accomplished engineers such as Thomas Telford, Robert Stephenson, Sir Frank Whittle and Sir James Dyson have all contributed to the advancement of our civilization. So, why should you choose a career in engineering? There are many different sectors so whether you are interested in technology, automotive, civil engineering, aviation, oil and gas, structural or electronic, there is something for you.

Up to 217,000 engineers will be needed within the next five years to plug gaps in the workforce and help drive the economy, it was claimed.

Last week, the Telegraph also told how rising numbers of British students were now moving overseas after completing their degree courses.

Sir James warned that his own company had “struggled to fill” 200 vacancies this year.

The comments come just days after Boris Johnson claimed that current immigration policy risks driving the most talented international students to rival countries such as Australia and the United States.

In a letter to The Daily Telegraph, the inventor and entrepreneur called on the Government to ease restrictions on the number of overseas students remaining in the country after their courses had ended, insisting bright foreigners were needed to “develop technology for export and relieve our skills shortage”. Click here to continue