Hydraulic punches

Hydraulic punches are designed to perforate metal with round, square or oblong holes. They are designed to work on mild steel, non-ferrous metals and some plastics (non-shattering). Hydraulic punches may be powered by hand pumps, air/hydraulic, gas, or electric driven pumps which develop up to 10,000 psi / 700 bar.

• Do not exceed the maximum punch limits as shown on the tool decal, instruction sheets or catalog.

• Keep punch and dies clean. Lubrication is not required, but will extend punch and die life.

• Always match punch and die correctly. Install dies with larger opening facing down.

• Protect punch and die sets. Return to storage case after use.

• Use only Enerpac oil in punch and pump.

• Cracked, chipped, or worn punches and dies should be replaced immediately.