How height safety should be considered when working in the rail industry


Always on the lookout to pinpoint areas where industrial safety can be heightened, and incidents of injuries and fatalities lowered, the Health and Safety Executive have turned a microscope onto the safety record of U.K.’s rail industry in a recent report that highlighted the dangers posed by lax height safety when operating near major rail lines.  While statistical rare, three fatalities were noted related to falls from heights in the past decade, but that is three too many according to government regulatory and watchdog groups.

Rail Industry Hazards

Hardly localized to the rail industry, fall from heights are leading cause of injuries and deaths at construction sites throughout the UK.  Failure to follow safety codes, equipment fatigue, and operator errors are typically cited at the primary cause of such industrial mishaps, and government investigators stress increased vigilance as regards training and proper use and maintenance of all height safety equipment.

Whilst any number of work related instances are ripe for presenting an opportunity for an accident, within the rail industry, the following are typical undertakings that can lead to a fall: inspecting large structures, infrastructure maintenance activities, and upon renewal and enhancement projects along the line.   Of the three aforementioned casualties, two were occasioned by falls from bridges during routine maintenance.  The study points out that since increased construction activity is anticipated, height safety protocols are more important than ever.

Height Safety in the Rail Industry

Proper equipment and the knowledge of how to use it correctly are at the heart of any worker safety program.  From safety harnesses to two leg lanyards to access and rescue tripods, the panoply of equipment required for safe operation is impressive.  Additionally, each must be certified to exacting regulatory standards to ensure that the piece of equipment will function as expected when needed at that critical moment that spells the difference between a rush of adrenaline and a rush to hospital by ambulance.

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