Great New Hydraulic Tail Lift Tool Available!

Ever needed to have a bit of help getting things into the back of your van? Well if so the  new Load Lift 500 from Penny Hydraulics looks to be right up your street, indeed perhaps a gift from the gods for some.

The Lift 500 offers a light and compact platform lift and can cope with a maximum load of 500kg. It can be easily fitted inside the rear or side doors of a van to provide you with a highly versatile handling solution.

It is in fact a bigger brother to the existing  250kg model, being introduced to meet customer demand for increased capacity.

Basically, when fitted it performs a similar role to a conventional tail lift, but one that is available for your van as an add on. Also as it is mounted inside the side door of the  vehicle it offers an excellent alternative in applications where a normal tail lift would be unsafe or impractical such as congested urban areas or when parking spaces are too short. As the device fully retracts the load in to the vehicle with no need for manual handling or lifting, this must be one for consideration.

This is all better explained by the company in question:-

“After use the unit retracts completely inside the vehicle and the platform can be folded up out of the way to leave an unobstructed load space. It does not restrict access to the load area, has little effect on payload capacity and does not need to be deployed to allow entry to the vehicle. No components or services are exposed on the exterior of vehicle. This reduces the risk of damage when the vehicle is moving and enhances security when it is stationary.”

Customers can choose from a range of standard and bespoke options to configure a device unique to their own application. The platform can be manufactured from a range of materials and supplied in shapes and sizes matched to the load being handled. Special cradles, attachments, recesses and hitching points can be incorporated into the platform to enhance load stowage and transportation. The device can be installed by Penny Hydraulics or a customer's chosen body builder. It connects to an available 12 or 24V power supply.

It is easy to operate to, the controls of the Load Lift 500 being at a convenient point inside the vehicle or using the remote wander lead supplied with the unit. The latter allows the operator to stand clear of the working area with an all-round view of the vehicle and load, thus offering additional safety, something to bear in mind in these litigious times.

If you want, the unit can be supplied with radio remote control (a real boy’s toy that)

Overload protection and battery protection are of course included as standard and the integrated hydraulic services provide controlled and precise load handling at all times.