Gas or electric forklift, the choice is yours

Most warehouses use forklift trucks and these generally come in 2 varieties, gas or electric. Gas forklifts run off propane gas which is contained in a cylinder which is secured onto the back of the machine. Electric forklifts run off rechargeable batteries. There are pros and cons to both types and it is down to personal preference. However, the electric ones don’t produce emissions and this could be a major factor for your warehouse depending on the ventilation.

Electric forklifts are very reliable, economical and the battery will often run for 8 full hours before needing to recharged. If you need your electric forklift for more than 8 hours, keep another battery charged up so that you can continue to work. As well as not producing emissions, the electric forklift is quieter to run and this will reduce the possibility of hearing damage.

Gas forklifts can run continuously until the canister of gas runs out and then all you need to do is replace the canister and off you go again. The engine is a bit noisier so ear defenders will be a good idea for your drivers. Propane gas is much cleaner than petrol or diesel so emissions are much less, however, good ventilation is essential to avoid a build up of fumes.

Keeping your forklift in good working order is very important so it should be routinely serviced and visually checked every day before operation begins. Make sure that your forklift drivers are correctly trained and are aware of the health and safety regulations surrounding forklift operation.