Forklifts are vital tools but must be operated safely

Working with any kind of machinery is dangerous if not carried out safely and forklifttrucks are no different. Whatever situation your forklift is used in, the operator and those around need to be aware of all the safety aspects so as to prevent unnecessary accidents. Forklifts are for many material handling businesses an essential tool and without them, they would find it difficult to carry out their work.

UK - WORLDWIDE – When it comes to safety we all know the days of making good, hoping for the best and getting by are well and truly over. Those charged with the responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of staff and visitors can be held personally responsible if a preventable incident occurs on their watch, and there are none so vulnerable as the management of freight facilities, shipping container terminals and the like. Here guest writer Peter Church, admittedly a man with a vested interest, discourses on the subject of fork lift chain safety, with five tips to literally ensure a safer supply chain.

1. Expert Guidance

Your chain supplier should be able to discuss the various chain options available to you and highlight any benefits or pitfalls you might expect with any given product. While it is hard to tell one make of leaf chain apart from another by simply looking at it, the material, the quality of press tooling, heat treatment processes as well as ancillaries such as corrosion resistant coatings and lubrication will all influence a chain’s product quality and performance. It is the responsibility of every chain supplier to educate lift truck dealers and repairers.

2. Is the chain tested and traceable?

Historically all leaf chain manufacturers supplied chain with a unique batch traceability code clearly shown. These days very few do which means that, in the event of a failure, they are unable to identify an individual batch, trace and recall the products. We see more examples of chain entering the UK without any form of batch marking whatsoever. It is virtually impossible to recall a batch of potentially faulty and, therefore, highly dangerous leaf chain once it has entered the market if the chain cannot be matched with a batch number. Click here to continue

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