Forklift trucks are indispensible


Forklift trucks are indispensible for many industries and it is essential that operators are properly trained and that the forklifts are well maintained. In the UK the Health and Safety Executive have regulations that must be adhered to. Accidents are very easy to occur and many can be avoided if the proper safety systems are in place.


If you are the operator of a forklift truck, even if you are only hiring it, it is your legal obligtion to make sure it holds an up to date Report of Thorough Examination. It is up to you to arrange for a Thorough Examination at least every twelve months – it is the responsibility of the user, not the hire company.

A Thorough Examination is a bit like a car MOT – it sets the standards to say that all the aspects that are connected with safety have been inspected and assessed as being safe at the time of the test. This scheme has been developed by the two leading bodies in the forklift industry – the British Industrial Truck Association (BITA), and the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA), joining toggether under the name of Consolidated Forklift Truck Services (CFTS)....More at Forklift Report Of Thorough Examination » Forklifts Hire


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