Forklift safety in the workplace

Using a forklift truck for material handling is essential these days, however, are all your employees who operate these trucks properly trained? Safety in the workplace is essential and it is the empoyer's responsibility to ensure that all staff are trained. There are many accidents involving forklift trucks but many are avoidable, so make sure that your forklift operators are qualified to drive.

In the UK, four accidents involving fork lift trucks occur every day. Of these, more than one quarter result in hospitalisation or death. A lack of clear communication, training and regular maintenance are key factors in the number of accidents that involve forklift trucks.

Following a basic set of rules can help employers improve the safety of their employees and reduce the amount of accidents and injuries that occur when using forklift trucks. Scafftag, specialists in the management and communication of equipment status, outlines four key steps to follow to help reduce forklift truck accidents:

Step 1 - Risk assessment...More at Top tips for forklift safety


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