Follow these warnings when using nut splitters

Care must be taken when using nut splitters, here are some warnings:


To prevent injury and to avoid damage, do not use the nut splitter on glass, plastic, wood, or any material which could shatter.


To avoid damage to the nut splitter blade, housing, plunger and seals:

A. Do not cut chains or bolts.

B. Do not use the nut splitter to rotate nuts.

C. Do not move the nut splitter during the cutting operation.

D. Do not heat up nuts while the nut splitter is in position.


Enerpac Nut Splitters are designed specifically for metal nuts that match the sizes as listed in the selection charts in the Enerpac catalog and nut splitter instruction sheets.


Maximum allowable hardness of the nuts to be split is HRc-44.