Fall arrest equipment must be properly fitted

The HSE requires that workers wear a personal fall arrest system, one should be aware of how this type of equipment works. The full body harness should support weight evenly on the body such as the thighs, shoulders and buttocks.

Workers that wear a personal fall arrest systems need to make sure that the full body harness fits correctly on the torso of the body. Once the size is correct the individual should make sure that the D ring is centered in the middle of the upper part of the back. The next step is that the waist strap should be buckled and fit snugly around the waist. The leg straps should then be connected correctly between both of the legs. Once these tasks are completed all the buckles and straps on the personal fall arrest system should be tightened securely, but still allow movement of the major appendages of the body. After the harness is put on, it is a good idea to use the buddy system and have a supervisor or an experienced worker check the personal fall arrest system to make sure that it has been put on properly.

Once the harness has been put on properly it should then be connected to a secure anchor point by lanyards and retracting lifelines. These ropes and or straps restrict the distance a worker can fall if they lose their balance or slip while working off of the ground. Without the harness being connected to these ropes and anchored properly, the harness is useless from preventing falls.