Evotorque from Norbar – the intelligent torque tool

Norbar have been at the cutting edge of hydraulic torque tools for some time and the new Evotorque takes it to the next level with a range of features designed to making the application of torque to threaded fasteners an absolute breeze.

It's unique "Intelligent Joint Sensing" technology is designed to accurately tighten to the correct torque without the risk of excessive overshoot or undershoot. Those in the know will realise that his is a common problem of other electrica tools.

The patent pending motor and software that will shut off automatically, gives unprecedented joint control of all kinds of joints be they hard or soft.

Specifications for ET-72

  • Range from 200 N•m - 2000 N•m
  • Versions for 110V a.c. or 230V a.c.


  • Factory calibrated to ± 3%
  • Very low vibration levels using a non-impacting mechanism; this leads to comfortable and safe use with less damage to the tool, socket and threaded assembly
  • Reaction forces are contained by the reaction bar, so forces are not passed back to the operator
  • Several reaction bar styles available, including versions for restricted applications
  • Correct torque output from hard through to soft joints
  • Indicator on the tool clearly signals that the correct Torque or Angle has been achieved

Product video: