Ensuring Safety when Maintaining Rail Equipment


Nobody likes it when there are line repairs taking place, but unfortunately, it has to happen in order to keep the trains running during busy times. In order to keep downtime to a minimum, though, rail companies tend to schedule them during holidays or a quiet periods. Certainly, the aim is to avoid rush hour disruption as this not only causes strife amongst commuters, it's also a huge revenue drain.

Even though attempts are made to avoid busy times, it's essential that the right people, equipment and skills are in place at exactly the right time to ensure work is done safely and with as little disruption as possible.

Rail companies can face hefty fines for late trains, and they really can't afford to lose the goodwill of their customers, so it's in everyone's interest to get things done safely and on time.

This is why it's important to ensure all equipment and handlers know what they're doing, and when it's mission critical, it's essential you choose the right partner.

Worlifts-Rail is our specialist rail division that deals specifically with the rail industry. It has been delivering equipment and services to the rail networks for over 35 years and has built up a reputation for quality, skills and knowledge second to none in the industry.

Product Range

Worlifts-Rail partners with many leading brands in the hydraulic lifting, jacks and pneumatic tools marketplace, and we're certified in the service and maintenance of some of the top equipment suppliers in the industry.

Tractel, Norbar, Enerpac and any number of other suppliers - we can provide the equipment, training and support you need to ensure safety, efficiency and effectiveness are never compromised.

We can also provide assistance for specific industry verticals, so whether you need equipment for overhead line fitting or repair, track repair, re-railing, rail handling or P-Way, we're your number one resource for training, supply and service.

Health and Safety

Of course, when dealing with rail, health and safety is the number one concern for staff and public, and Worlifts can help here, too.

Our Hydraulic & Lifting Equipment Safety Training Centre based in Worcestershire provides certified training in a range of products and procedures, giving you and your staff the confidence to work to currently legal requirements.

We can also provide on-site training where necessary and can tailor our courses to meet your specific equipment or regulatory needs.

For more details or to speak to a member of our team, call us on 0121 460 1113