Are you covered by LOLER?

hselogo If your company owns, operates or has any control over lifting equipment then you are bound by the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998, often abbreviated to LOLER.

Whether or not your company owns the equipment, these regulations will cover all businesses or organisations and all lifting operations involving such equipment must be properly planned buy a competent person, should be appropriately supervised and carried out in a safe manner.

Of course, the people operating the equipment should also make sure that the equipment is itself fit for purpose and appropriate for the task at hand. Some equipment may in fact have to be checked regularly with thorough examinations and inspections.

  • Users may need to undertake simple pre-use checks (eg on lifting chains and slings), or make checks on a daily basis (eg for lift trucks)
  • In some cases, inspections and checks should be made on a regular basis, often weekly, but this may be on a monthly or quarterly basis (eg the checks undertaken by an operator on their crane)
  • Employers should ensure that lifting equipment is thoroughly examined (normally once or twice a year but, in some cases, this may be more or less frequent)

Worlifts is able to provide such examinations as well as supplying equipment and being your single source solution for all your mechanical lifting equipment needs.