Cherry pickers and scissor lifts are very useful

There are many different types of hydraulic lifts available on the market. Cherry pickers and scissor lifts are the most commonly used of these and they are capable of so much. These platforms can be mounted on trailers so that they are very portable. They use a scissor-like mechanism in order to raise and lower the device. Typically, these types of material handling devices can only move vertically. The mechanism used for raising and lowering these lifts uses linked, folding supports. These supports have been designed to be situated in an X shaped pattern.

Scissors lifts get their name from the lifting mechanism which looks like a pair of scissors, whilst cherry pickers get theirs from their origins picking fruit. Both types of platform have limited height access and you should choose the type of lifting platform that will best suit your needs. They are however, extremely useful for transporting equipment and other objects up to various levels rather than carrying it all by hand. Using this sort of material handling equipment leads to increased safety and efficiency for your staff.

It is important that your scissor lift and cherry picker operators are properly trained in the operation of the platforms and that they are aware of all safety issues. You can arrange for your staff to go on short courses which teach them how to safely operate the equipment and how to rectify or troubleshoot any problems that may occur.