Caterpillar skates, great for moving heavy loads

Caterpillar Skates are usually used on smooth floors. The skates' weight can vary. The heavier the skate is the more stable it is. The weight of the item that will be carried and the specific subject of the job determine the size and the model of the skates. It is recommended that the device must be used in a flat and dry area as is very difficult to do maneuvers in a slippery area. The skates themselves are very heavy and it is very difficult, even impossible to roll the skate wheels.

There must a few rules adhered to protect the caterpillar skates from damage. Firstly, you must always check your wheels before you start work. Secondly you must ensure the work load is well balanced and thirdly you must keep to the instructions of usage and the restriction of weight. Security precautions must be taken to protect the operator. When you work with caterpillar skates care must be taken to operate the machinery properly. After the initial checks have been made, you can start working.