Busting the health and safety myths

Health and Safety and the adherence to strict rules is a very important aspect of every business and their procedures but it's likely that you'll have heard a story where it's been the butt of the joke.

Thing is, it's an easy target and usually a very easy excuse for someone to pull the health and safety card out the hat when in reality they, just don't want to do something and they're using it as an excuse.

The problem with this approach is that it can make a mockery of the industry as a whole and makes it dangerous for people who want to use health and safety rules properly.

For example, in the industries we work in it is absolutely essential that rules are adhered to. Take the LOLER regulations. These regulations cover the sort of things that need to be looked at when considering lifting equipment - common sense, surely?

Well yes, common sense obviously comes into it, but companies may try to cut corners or people might want to get things done quickly without putting everything in place. LOLER makes it clear what should be done to reduce the risk to employees and for good reason, a failure to follow these rules could end up by paying the ultimate price - someone's life.

Why myths are bad

When people use health and safety as an excuse or for a joke, they're making it harder for people who wants to stick to the rules to do so.

So, over the next we posts, we'll be busting some HSE myths and showing why they're nonsense, some of them are hilarious!