Avoiding forklift accidents

Although forklift trucks make warehouse work much easier, if not used properly then they can be dangerous. If the correct protocol is not followed, the driver and or other staff could be badly injured or even killed. Forklift operators must remain in the cab at all times and they need to be properly trained in the correct operations and safety regulations in order to work the machine. They need to be able to concentrate and be very observant. It is very important that the forklift operator stays in the cab during operations. Those who put their heads outside the forklift overhead guard risk an accident from something falling on them or hitting their heads on the wall or other objects. Forklift drivers should always keep their hands and feet inside the cab at all times as any protrusions could get caught and either knock things down or pull the driver out of the cab.

A very important part of forklift safety is knowing what the weight limit is on the forks. Some people incorrectly assume that if the forks can lift the weight, then it must be safe. This is absolutely not true and could lead to serious injury if the forklift is over laden causing it to lose balance and topple over. Other warehouse staff could be injured if objects fall off of the forks as well. All warehouse staff must to be aware of their surroundings at all times and they need to be aware of any obstacles, potholes, walls, or anything else in the area. Forklift operators must avoid these obstructions in order to transport their cargo without incident. It is vital that all warehouse staff including forklift drivers stay out of each other’s way in order to avoid accidents.