Always create a safe working environment

The construction industry is instrumental in a country's economic developments. It is one of the most dangerous industries, as far as workers safety is concerned. In the last 25 years, several thousand people have died from injuries they received during construction work. Many more become invalids due to serious injuries caused while working.

The main causes of these fatal accidents are falling through fragile roofs and roof lights, falling from ladders, scaffolds and other work places, being struck by excavators, lift trucks or dumpers, being struck by falling loads and equipment and being crushed by collapsing structures. The other causes are touching cement and chemicals with bare hands, coming into contact with live wires and inhaling dangerous gases and dust. Reduction in the use of ladders and scaffold towers goes a long way in reducing accidents. Ladders should be used correctly wherever it is absolutely necessary, and towers need to be erected by properly trained persons.

Promotion of effective planning of site layouts and designs, vehicle procurements and training will reduce the risk to workers and the public from being struck by mobile construction plants and vehicles. Raising awareness of key safety issues and providing information to manufacturers on how to design safe lifting equipment will help in reducing lift related accidents. Creating awareness among workers about the possibilities of multiple injuries and death in construction activities and advising them to strictly adhere to safety norms is mandatory.