Advice when using a hydraulic torque wrench

Use only heavy-duty impact sockets for power driven machine wrenches, according to ISO-2725 and ISO-1174; DIN 3129 and DIN 3121, or ASME-B107.2/1995.

Do not use worn or damaged sockets or Allen-Key drives. They must fit precisely on the nut or bolt being tightened. Do not use metric size sockets or Allen-Key drives on imperial nuts or bolts or the reverse. Always secure the socket to the square drive to prevent the socket from slipping off.

The special reaction arm for Allen-Key drives must be used when inserting the Allen-Key drive for socket head cap screws.

The torque wrench must be properly positioned manually to make sure that the reaction force is safely transmitted via the reaction arm and not via other torque wrench parts. Never use the torque wrench without the reaction arm.

The locking mechanism must be used to secure the reaction arm onto the wrench. Avoid tilting the wrench. Do not use extensions. If this is unavoidable due to the reaction point, the torque must be reduced. An extra support must be used to minimize tilting and friction. When in doubt, contact Enerpac.