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Since its original, award winning launch in 1984 and extensive face-lift in 2000, Norbar’s Professional torque wrench range has become one of the most popular wrench ranges available worldwide. In this re-engineered version, the core principles of accuracy, durability and comfort are carried over but almost every component part is new and improved.

Norbar New Professional Wrenches

Models Available

Available Dual Scale models include:

15002 3/8"  10 - 50 N.m range

15003 1/2" 20 - 100 N.m range

15004 1/2" 40 - 200 N.m range

15005 1/2" 60 - 300 N.m range

15006 1/2" 60 - 340 N.m range

15007 3/4" 80 - 400 N.m range



Accurate to ±3% of reading which meets the requirements of ISO 6789-2:2017

Supplied with a traceable 'Calibration Certificate' allowing end users to adhere to more stringent quality control processes

Large scale for better visibility and more accurate setting

Fast scale adjustment reducing the effort required to adjust. If you adjust your wrench regularly, you can do more work

Compared with other torque wrenches: Norbar’s ‘harmonic drive' scale provides a long scale length for good resolution and accurate setting in both scale units. By contrast, micrometer type scales allow accurate setting in the primary scale unit but relatively poor accuracy of setting in the secondary units because of limited resolution. The Professional wrench is amongst the easiest wrenches on the market to accurately set

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Common Applications:




Ship Building


Oil and Gas

Power Generation

Steel Works