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Enerpac offers an extensive range of dedicated tools for a variety of specific and flexible applications. The Enerpac LW-Series Hydraulic Lifting Wedge is an ideal solution where there is limited insertion space. The hugely popular hydraulic flange spreading tools have been developed to aid and simplify the maintenance of flange joints in a safe, quick and affective way.

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Lifting Wedges

Hydraulic Lifting Wedges

The Enerpac Hydraulic Vertical Lifting Wedges have a minimum clearance gap of 10 mm and a maximum lifting force of 16 ton. The model LWC16 features an integrated hand pump. Model LW16 requires an external pump to operate.
Flange Maintenance Tools

Flange Maintenance Tools

The comprehensive range of Enerpac hydraulic and mechanical spreaders and alignment tools are the ideal solution for the separation of stubborn joints. The FSH-14 & FSM-8 models have a tip clearance of just 6 mm. The ATM-Series flange alignment tools are the simpler and safer way to align flanges