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The Enerpac E-Pulse pump drives high productivity through its innovative design. Smart controls enable the motor to maintain constant power providing higher flow than traditional pumps. Adjustable speed control enables precision as required. E-Pulse is designed for convenience.

Features include a cord management system and integrated pendant control with a magnet that fits securely into the handle of the pump. The durable aluminium housing is designed to give easy access for serviceability. E-Pulse is the heart to any hydraulic system, ensuring high performance and providing ultimate convenience.

E Pulse Electric Pump

Models Available

P Series

EP3104DB-G, EP3104DI-G EP3104DE-G, EP3204JB-G, EP3204JI-G, EP3204JE-G, EP3304SB-G, EP3304SI-G, EP3304SE-G, EP3404JB-G, EP3404JI-G, EP3404JE-G




Two-stage pump with high by-pass pressure:
2,13 l/min at 175 bar,
0,52 l/min at 700 bar

Smart controls enable motor to maintain constant power across the pressure range

24VDC power regulator minimizes effects of poor power supply

Six-piston block design provides even flow for smooth operation of cylinder or tool.


Durable aluminium housing

High-efficiency permanent magnet, direct drive motor enables continuous use and long service life

Built-in thermal protection

IP Rating: IP54 on the pump, IP67 on the pendant


Speed control with dial adjustment for precise operation

Integrated pressure gauge

Pendant and cord management system

Convenient oil fill port, oil level indicator and automatic breather.

Interactive Pendant

Operation, programming and diagnostics status provided to operator with yellow, green, and red LED as well as vibration pulses.

Fault codes warn operators of any issues related to voltage, temperature, button controls, or if professional service is required.

Technical Downloads


Common Applications:



Ship Building


Oil and Gas

Power Generation

Steel Works

Bridge Repairs



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E Pulse Electric Pump

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