William Hackett L5-QP Quad Pawl Lever Hoist

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The Hackett L5 QP meets and exceeds the requirements of international standards:
British and European Standard BS EN13157: 2004 + AI: 2009

The Hackett L5 QP lever hoist incorporates the four pawl mechanical engagement
functionality. The unique and patented pawl design enhances the capabilities of the
hoist allowing all four pawls to engage with the ratchet gear in an offset
configuration allowing finer adjustment and tensioning capability while maintaining
pawl/ratchet engagement.
This improves the hoists:
• resilience to failure.
• capability to provide finer adjustment and tensioning operations.

WLL: 1.6 tonnes
Height of Lift: 1.5 Metres
Manufacturer’s part number: 035.160
See downloads for full specification

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